The last time I saw him.

Ryan Wiseley

    The last day I saw him, it was such a non-event. In hindsight, why didn’t I make it a big deal, throw out the welcome mat, plan something fun to do, follow it up with a great meal? I was in my late 20’s, he was in his teens. That was the last [...]

Diary entry & how does this story end?

Wow. I woke up thinking about how quickly the past 10 years have gone since my daughter was born in 2005. It made me think of someone else’s daughter, who seems so grown up at 21, but who was just 11 in 2005. Just a kid, like my girl now. In a flash, another 10 [...]

Write on.

Art by Elspeth Mclean!

Abigail Thomas is a writer. I stumbled upon her books on Amazon - and with so many good reviews - I had to immediately put her books on hold at the library. Two of them sat at my bedside table untouched for well over a month. I just opened one of them this morning. She [...]

Just One Thing!

My brain has too many tabs open.

Sometimes you've gotten so far off of your game that tackling the big stuff is overwhelming and anxiety producing. But you know if you don't cross something bigger off your list soon, you're going to feel defeated.

So long September, and 7 things I loved about you.

sweet pea

September is one of my favorite months, and it's almost over. But no tears, because in my opinion, October is pretty dreamy too. Don't get me wrong, I do not love every month - February and March are excruciating. But back to September. Here's what I loved about you this year:

Bears and Barry Manilow

Do I really want to see a bear - a real bear, isn't that a bit scary? Just don't think about it too much, I tell myself. We spent a lovely week in Herrington Manor State Park, we hiked the trails, kayaked on the lake, visited Swallow Falls...

6 Signs that you may have the start of a wicked summer parenting hangover.

1. During your stay-cation you and yours conduct stuffed animal weddings. You dutifully post these photos on Facebook per your child's request.  These beings are now part of your family afterall, like in-laws, they deserve a spot on your Facebook photo album for all the world to see.  Thanks for the idea Ben.    2. [...]

Road trips, kids, and bizarre things we do in the name of health.

OK, so do you really want to hear about my colon hydrotherapy...? Yes, no, not really? I did promise I'd fill you in,  and I will get to it.  But first, let me tell you where I am now.    I'm sitting at a hotel pool in Santee, SC. As my kids begged me to [...]

Time to clean up my act…

Just a quick note to mention that I'm going to see a plumber today... not the usual sort. Not for my bathroom pipes. For my pipes.  Yup. I'm getting my pipes cleaned. Warning: this could totally be TMI. This definitely may add to the list of ways you may think I'm slightly odd, strange, or [...]