Human Doing

Would I classify myself as addicted to doing projects?  Are you one of those people who becomes obsessed with getting a project done, with your blinders on to other things?

“I’ll be happy when it’s done.” Will you?

Do you celebrate when you get a project done, or does it barely get crossed off of your to-do list before you’re on to the next item? Do you enjoy the project while you are working on it?

I was just thinking about this question for two reasons:

1) My husband has a bit of time on his hands for the next couple of weeks so he has flown back into  house-project mode. What was a short to-do list has blossomed into talk of removing air ducts, tearing out ceilings,  visions of a kitchen renovation, new floors in the basement… and so on.  Eh hem, what was that about saving money?

2) I am trying to enjoy a little feeling of accomplishment after just crossing a big goal off my list before I get distracted and immediately hooked on to the next obvious project.

Yes, I’m aware how quickly my mind just wants to take me onto the next thing on my list, little or big – doing dishes or world peace.  I think the ego has us moving on super-fast.  

Are we addicted to reaching for the carrot at the end of the stick, most of the time, forgetting to enjoy life right now?

God, you’ve heard this before I’m sure. Be Here Now, etc.  My favorite: you are a “human being” not a “human doing”. 

I just thought it was funny that today is the day I declared victory on my petition and project to get rid of styrofoam trays in our county’s school cafeterias. We got a letter from the superintendent stating it was his plan to replace the foam trays with paper recyclable trays in the 2014-15 school year. Woo hooo! 



Then, my kids tell me… that’s great mom, but did you know that the soup served at lunch today was in a styrofoam cup? 

Ahhh… another project.  

styrofoam soup bowl






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