Intentions, Witches and Chocolate

Witch scene

The other day someone said to me- you and your mom are magical, your thoughts change your surroundings and affect other people, almost like a witch.

This was his reaction after witnessing how my Friday had unfolded and also when I told him about my mom. Whenever my mom comes back from trips she is always so happy to come home to her “dream home” in Florida – except this last time. She had just had an amazing time at Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks – soaking in the early fall weather and majestic beauty of the upper northwest. 

Yellow StoneBut on this last trip – two weeks just didn’t seem to last long enough, and she and her husband started day-dreaming about moving.  When they came home, it was a bit ho-hum, a bit of a letdown, and it was almost as if the house reacted to their disappointment.  Suddenly there was a major leak in the roof and appliances started breaking.  

This person in my life, that I mentioned earlier, has witnessed my thoughts and intentions manifest sometimes rather quickly or against all odds on enough occasions over the years.  There are plenty of other stories to tell here –  I’ll save them for another day.

Witch scene

But back to this “witch” theme – I am not a big fan of the word witch. So, I was thinking about this on my way somewhere the next night. The word “witch” has some really negative connotations. When men are wise and magical – they call them wizards. But when the same goes for women they get called witches – at least in the past. It just doesn’t sound right. 

So, I think I mentioned my love of synchronicities – and when you are thinking about something – it tends to show up, or hey, maybe you manifest it. Either way, it just so happened that later that night, as I was leaving the grocery store in Kensington – I thought I saw a witch.

I did a double take as I was exiting the store. There was this little elderly, skinny, knobby, arthritic, bent over woman dressed in some kind of drapey black ensemble. She was bent down trying to reach something she had dropped.  I asked her if she needed some help.  Without even looking up, she said, “ha, not unless you have 1000 dollars.” I sort of chuckled and said not this time and just kept walking.

Seeing this elderly woman struggling to pick something up, obviously not in a good financial situation, with her own little bag-lady type cart, left an impression on me.  Half way back to my car I said to myself – if I see her again – I’ll offer her a few bucks.  I glanced back and there she was again looking a little distressed.  I got in my car and thought, when I back out, if she is on my route and I pass her, I’ll offer her some money.

So, of course, as I backed out and drove another 10 feet – she was right there. And she was oblivious to me.  I don’t think she could have told you that I was the one who spoke to her two minutes before. Anyway, I rolled down my passenger side window and said – “Hey, I don’t have 1000 dollars but I do have a few bucks if that would help.” 

Wow, she sure did brighten up. I passed her the money and she was so happy – she said that now she would have money for the bus.  I waved and started driving off, and then she shouted out – “hey I do palm readings, if you want your palm read.”  I thought to myself –seriously, wow, she really is some kind of a gypsy-witch. I was a bit hesitant and replied – “umm, I don’t have any more cash,” and she said, “oh no- you’ve paid far enough already.” 

So, I had my palm read in front of Safeway. Yep.


It was dark out and the light wasn’t too bright and I think her eyes were failing her, but I think she was glad to give something back for the money. 

 We sat there and chatted for a while. I think she was also a little hesitant about me – like who is this crazy woman giving people money that don’t even really ask for it out-right.  Yeah, sometimes I am a little crazy.

The only big thing that she got excited about in seeing my palm was that this one little extra line meant that I had a strong woman backing me.  I thought about it, and said, well I am lucky to have a great mom and a lot of women in my life lately… but then I remembered where I’d just been prior to popping into Safeway.

I’d just been to the first night of the Navratri celebration of the Divine Femine.  Wait a second, am I Hindu? News flash – no.  I was raised Catholic, but now I like to see myself as seeing God or spirit in everything and everyone, and hey – if I get invited to take some time to honor the Divine Femine instead of just the traditional paternal God – why not? So that’s why I went to the Navratri celebration (note – good food too).  

So, perhaps the Devine Feminine was backing me?   I’m “ just saying” – it would definitely fit the label “strong woman.”   I mean Navaratri is a nine day festival focused on three different forms of the Goddess. On the first day, the night I went, it was focused on Durga. Talk about a strong woman, Durga is not to be reckoned with, I mean she shows up in pictures riding a lion and holding a noose and a sword.  

So keep your eye open for synchronicities, themes, and coincidences. Do you attract and manifest these situations and themes to you with your thoughts? Or are you just suddenly more aware of certain things and that’s why they seem to show up? Who knows, but these mysteries of the universe are fun to contemplate! 

OK – and now I am laughing! Because I was just looking for some photos to put in this post and what did I see – a picture of me, and just what might be in the background? A broom. Yeah. Just a coincidence.

So I had to add it of course! 



Oh… and you say – what’s with the “Chocolate” in the title of your post? Right, I think I mentioned I’d post my chocolate bark and chocolate covered raisin recipe in my next post. Ooops. Maybe I just put chocolate in my title to get you to read my post. 😉 

So, I owe you chocolate recipes! Coming soon, I promise! 

~ Amie



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  • E

    I miss you, A! Great story. I wish I was there! I never minded the term Witch. My Mom always wondered if she was one. I’m pretty sure she was. – E

    • Wisefriend

      Thanks E! Miss you too! Your mom sounds like fun! Remember that time I visited you guys -we went out to see your brother play? Your mom made a pretty wicked good sandwich. Maybe that’s her secret to scrumptious food – a little magic.

      • E

        I think it’s a very high level of intuitiveness. I remember you were always very intuitive. I think the answers are all around us, always, but some people can see and hear them much clearer than the rest of us. Yes, I remember when you visited! 20 years ago, or so! I can’t believe it. You and me, going to a rock concert with my parents. The good old days! I still have the photographs from back stage!

        • Wisefriend

          Oh my gosh E! I totally want to see those old photos!

  • MT

    You are a trip Amie.

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