Just One Thing!

My brain has too many tabs open.

Do you ever get paralyzed by your to-do list and see it as an endless revolving door of tasks? Do the small things eat up your effectiveness at getting the big picture items done? 

If the big picture stuff keeps getting swallowed up by the minutia, the best thing to do is to IGNORE the minutia and just hit the big tasks. 

>>But <<

Sometimes you’ve gotten so far off of your game that tackling the big stuff is overwhelming and anxiety producing.  But you know if you don’t cross something bigger off your list soon, you’re going to feel defeated. 

So do the next best thing: tackle the medium sized stuff. And just do one thing. ONE THING. Not ten things on your way down stairs to flip the laundry.  


I hear there is a really good book about doing just one thing, maybe I should check it out. 

For example, I knew I had a little chunk of time today (Saturday) to get something done… but couldn’t face the big big picture stuff, so I picked a project that is not of utmost importance, but requires a solid chunk of time and focus. It’s the kind of thing that has been on my list for YEARS, but always gets ignored.  

Completing this task would feel GREAT. The thing is, the task is kind of frivolous, but highly important at the same time. Its not as important, as say, taking your car in for a recall, making sure your kid has a back-up inhaler, or filing your taxes. 

Getting this task completed though, would really feel like a big win… and it has a tangible outcome, something you can hold in your hands… 

So, excuse me a minute, while I get back to that task… I’m 50% there. 

My brain has too many tabs open.

Oops, I broke my rule (just do ONE THING). I confess, I started writing this post while waiting for some things to upload on my computer for my project.  🙂   Ha! Let’s see if I can take my own advice!!?

… and then 1000 other things interrupted me (much to do with kids) and by the time I could get back to my project… it was bed time. 

So, that was November 1st, and today is November 7th… and I’m just getting back to finishing this post. Did I finish “the medium sized project” on my to-do list? Yes, but not until last night. 

Yup, 6 days later. 

OK, so, I’m not sure what the moral of this story is. I focused on one thing for as long as I could before life interrupted me and I didn’t pick it back up again until the next week. But hey, I get to cross two more things off of my list now – the project, and making a little post to my blog. 

Gotta celebrate the small wins people, and the medium wins. Hopefully I will get to the big picture stuff too – so I can celebrate some large wins! We can hope. 

What was that “medium sized project” you ask? It was making a photo album. I haven’t done one in at least 4 years, and the kiddos are growing up fast. My God, my boys will be eleven in two weeks. 


Yup, there's a four year gap here.

Yup, there’s a four year gap here.


So, “bam-whaa!” as my daughter would say.  (I’m not even really sure what “bam whaa” is supposed to mean other than some sort of confident, “I did it” exclamation.) Anyways, that photo album is done. It should arrive in a few days thanks to Snapfish.  

Yes, it was a medium sized project – but with big pay off for years to come. I don’t know why it kept getting shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. 

Shoo-wee, just don’t remind me that I only just barely scraped the surface of the photo album backlog.  The album I just completed only covered this past summer!  Excuse me while I dig through four more years of digital photos… or maybe… or not… hmmm.  Seems like a good thing to put off for the long cold days of January or February.  

  ~ Amie



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