Late to the solstice party.

OK, it’s finally quiet enough around here after the holidays to hear myself think again. I don’t know about you, but it really helps me if I take some time to reflect every now and then. That’s usually when I have my “aha” moment, AKA my “duh” moment. 

So I decided to reflect on the last time I got really wound up with some good old insomnia and ended up logging more than a snippet in my journal. It was the night of December 20th/21st. It was past midnight as I got out of bed realizing I was not drifting off to la la land anytime soon.

My notebook says it was 2:22am. I like the number 222. If you are into numbers it is supposed to mean that everything is happening exactly as it should. 

During my insomnia I got all hyped up on some visualization of this awesome cafe, The Living Room, that I wish would open, or I could open, in my neighborhood.  In my head I was virtually designing the floor plan, the interior, the menu, the whole look and feel. I filled pages of my notebook with the foods that would be served and what the indoor & outdoor seating would look like etc. What customers it would attract. I picked out the location. 

Since I had a second today, I pulled out my notebook and reread it. Then I remembered that  – hey wasn’t Dec 21st the winter solstice? Isn’t the winter solstice auspicious? 

I did a google search on ‘auspicious winter solstice inspiration‘. Can you say that ten times fast? What a tongue twister. 

Anyway, it was a particularly auspicious solstice – there was an eclipse. And not just any eclipse, but a full moon total eclipse. I’m no astronomer or astrologer, but apparently a line up like this – solstice/ full moon/ eclipse hasn’t happened in 382 years. 

The word on the street is that solstices are a time to catalyze our intentions, make space for what’s new and manifest what is in our deepest hearts. 

I wouldn’t have guessed that a cafe was what was lurking in my deepest heart space. It does combine my love of nutrition (I was gonna have a big focus on smoothies & salads- but still coffee-bar-lounge-cool) and community.

Other than that crazed night of insomnia, I haven’t ever dreamed of opening my own restaurant. About as far as I’ve gotten is thinking I might make some Youtube recipe videos.

A woman reflecting on inspiration, in this 1898 painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

A woman reflecting on inspiration, in this 1898 painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

 About a decade ago, when I lived in San Francisco for a year, I used to dream of ditching my office job and setting up a coffee cart in a bustling office building. I’m not a total stranger to that kind of business, right after college I actually was a Starbucks manager for two years.

Jeesh – following through on that dream would take some incredible energy, time, moula, and risk. Now doesn’t seem like quite the right moment. Fun to ponder though. I did drive by the space I had in mind – it is for rent, but there is also this ugly business right next door that really detracts from the place. I had in mind that I would buy the place outright and totally renovate it. It has a cute little facade that I would keep. 

This idea is almost like recalling a weird dream, strange to see it written down in such detail though. 

So, how about you? Have you ever had any surprising inspirations or mini-obsessions? 




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