Lucky 13: A year in review.

On these last hours of 2013 I was thinking about the number 13. Lucky or not,13, your number is just about up. I also just realized, prior to writing this post, I have made exactly 13 posts on this blog.  

I thought I’d pick some memorable moments from my 2013. Is this so egotistical – like- why would you care? Maybe for the same reason we like to watch movies, we can put our attention on someone else’s ups and downs?

Image compliments of my daughter & her LPS collection.

Image compliments of my daughter & her LPS collection.

In February my husband was hit by a car while he was out for a sunny Sunday bicycle ride. A driver literally hit him on her way to church.  “Your husband is conscious, we are just waiting for the ambulance,”  the caller told me. Oh boy. He really is lucky to be alive. He suffered many fractures and torn this-and-thats. He was moving at half-mast for the next few months, but he eventually made his way back into action and back on the bicycle. 

In the spring I left a really nice part time job. I was a little concerned that I would miss the bonding that came with all those addicting work fires we put out together and the yummy Thai lunches. It was time for a new frontier though. I miss my work-mates, especially my boss, but I was ready to move on. 


In May I was able to be there for my mother-in-law’s surgery. I flew down to South Carolina and stayed with her in the hospital to be her advocate.  This was a good thing since she just about OD’ed on a cocktail of medicines and had to be resuscitated. 

In June I attended the much anticipated family beach reunion. A week with my peeps. It is nice to be part of a tribe, even if you only see them every three or four years. 

There is always ice cream involved in any summer vacation.

There is always ice cream involved in any summer vacation.

In July my little girl turned eight years old. 


Midsummer one of my twin boys was plagued by severe allergic and asthmatic reactions. Every day by noon he was a wreck, medicines and inhalers didn’t make a dent and the only thing that really helped him was leaving the house. This went on for what felt like forever – until I opened my linen closet and found the culprit: black mold. Shudder. We got the mold removed and voila – he was a new boy. I guess we figured out who has a monstrous mold allergy. 

It was only a million degrees as we melted our way through the zoo.

It was only a million degrees as we melted at the zoo.

By August I was finding respite from the monotony of the heat and kids climbing the walls, in my new interest of edible weeds. I was throwing new finds into my smoothies and feeling fabulous. 

About the same time, I started getting interested in raw foods, and started a raw food cleanse. Yee-haw, boy did that give me some energy

Next, the kids went back to school, and bam, on the very first night after their first day of school, I had one of those insomnia moments – and decided to start a blog. One person’s miserable insomnia is another person’s relentless inspiration.  I decided to put my insomnia to good use and start writing down my thoughts.  

walking to school

walking to school

In the fall, I continued eating raw foods, mostly for breakfast and lunch, but kept things flexible for dinner. Naturally my interest in meat really just dissapeared. Shhhhh- don’t tell anyone, I’ve become vegetarian. 

Instead of walking back, after dropping my kids off at school, I started running. I put on good podcasts and 30 minutes started feeling easy. 



In October, I was invited to a groovy girls’ weekend. It was totally up my alley – at a farm, with some women who were there to empower each other spiritually and other wise. Except, I didn’t go. That turned out to be the funeral weekend of someone very very close to my best friend. So I spent that weekend accompanying my best friend at a funeral.

Strange how things work out. I had thought I’d go to the girls’ weekend and have something interesting to report afterwords on my blog. As it turned out, the pictures I took at the memorial/funeral had these little orbs in them. So I blogged about that. Guess what post is most viewed on my site? Yup, the spirit orb posts. Everyday that post gets the bulk of the views.


A few weeks before Halloween I was just running an errand at Safeway when I thought I saw a witch. Only this wasn’t a costume… and then she ended up reading my palm. I definitely ended up with more than a bag of groceries. 


In November my twin boys turned 10. I told their birth story. It was emotional to remember how tenuous it all was back then. 


Yup, he is 10 now. 

In November my mother’s father passed away at 99. He abandoned my mom and her 5 sisters and when they were little.  I blogged about how we define people and how long it takes for someone to forgive.  

Henry Archer Thomas

My grandparents with the eldest three of their six daughters.

In December I found out that a friend has stage four cancer. Her post about an alternative cancer treatment was so inspiring. This woman should have a blog. What a writer. I shared her post on my Facebook page.

A few days ago I signed up for my first half marathon. This was a surprise, last year I thought it was a lot of work to run for twenty minutes.

What will the next year bring? Well here’s to a bountiful and beautiful one! Welcome 2014!

Image compliments of my daughter's Rainbow Loom!

Image compliments of my daughter’s Rainbow Loom!


~ Amie



Me and the gang at Ruan Thai on Christmas Eve.





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