OK, I’ve been pretty thrilled lately with food. Not in a – I’ve just eaten the most amazing meal from a famous chef – kind of way. In a stripped down naked kind of way. And noooo– not in a naked birthday-suit kind of way either! What I mean is that I’ve been experimenting with just eating good old plants in their natural form. I’m throwing them in blenders and mixing them into salads.

And guess what?  You know that sleepy feeling you get after eating a normal cooked meal? The one where you crave coffee and chocolate or a little siesta? That’s gone. It’s been replaced with a buzzing sort of natural high. Hey, I guess when your body gets a break from digesting the usual stuff it has so much more energy. I could see how this would be a benefit to athletes – hint skip the pasta or meat before you workout. Or really… who doesn’t need some more energy?


Yes, so it might look as if I’ve become a raw food vegan – at least before dinner. But hold the press– I’m not ready to be labeled. I still usually have to cook a dinner for my omnivore family, especially my protein loving husband who leans towards the paleo style of eating. Granted, I’ve been loading my plate with salad and picking around the other options.  I would say that I’ve been eating an 80-90% raw diet for the last month… and I’m loving it!

I’ll also admit that I’ve been covertly gathering up raw food recipes and cookbooks, and subscribing to rawfoodies on YouTube. I never thought I’d be one of those crazy raw food people… uh oh – what is happening to me?


And… did anyone see the article in the Washington Post about the Vegan food truck?  This guy, Baruch Ben-Yehudah, with the fabulous smile, is bringing veggies to “food deserts.”

Talk about plant power. The people in these areas could really use some. Most of the folks interviewed in the article are suffering from multiple health ailments, live too far from grocery stores, don’t have transportation, and can easily find a fried chicken and doughnut place before they could ever find some brocolli.

Baruch was inspired to start his own vegan restaurant after hearing a woman at a food conference say “If you can control a man’s food, you can control a man.” Yikes- put down the Poptarts!




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