The new “F” word.

It keeps popping up everywhere, that new F word. It seems to be a theme in my life these last few months. I hear it here and there, and more people seem to be talking about it. It has definitely gotten my attention. 

Is there any escaping it? I ordered a book from Amazon recently called The Disappearance of the Universe…   and that book is all about the F word. 

So, what’s the new word? In the book they were saying not to worrying about other people’s reactions, “If somebody doesn’t like you because of it, forgive them,” which was responded with, “There was a time, in the very recent past, when I would have used another F word.”

Oh Come on! That’s such a wussy replacement for the real F word,” you say.  Not really. It takes tons more strength to forgive someone than to just flip them off. 

More from the book:

What you have appropriately dubbed, the Kingdom of Suckdom is merely your own subconscious guilt coming to the surface causing you to suffer. Yet as we have already said, the Course teaches that the guiltless mind cannot suffer.  

Yes, turns out the whole 409 page book is really all about forgiveness. I really did not know that when I picked up the book. I can’t seem to escape this forgiveness theme! For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I wrote two other posts on forgiveness in the late fall. My posts started with the passing of my grandfather, and whether a person can forgive someone who has abandoned them

OK universe – I get the hint! I will continue to work on this… including working on forgiving myself

But what if you are attached to that original F word? Then I also have a book recommendation for you…

F**K it book


Hey, to each his own. Sometimes you just need to say F it to all the “shoulds” in your life and remember not to “should all over yourself.”

But wait, back to that book I’m reading for a sec… and not to get off the subject, but it has an interesting take on time, something to ponder anyway… 

Incidentally, when it comes to the illusion of time, you should know that sin equals the past, guilt equals the present, and fear equals the future

There’s no hurry, for time is hypothetical smoke… 


So, I’m keeping it short today, but I hope you are having a great Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend… but if not, “just F it!”

Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

~ Amie







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