Human Doing

Would I classify myself as addicted to doing projects?  Are you one of those people who becomes obsessed with getting a project done, with your blinders on to other things? "I'll be happy when it's done." Will you? Do you celebrate when you get a project done, or does it barely get crossed off of [...]

A small collection of coincidences and a reason to procrastinate.

Confetti lights

Sometimes the coincidences show up like confetti sprinkling all over your life. They kind of  feel like shimmering little gifts bestowed upon you to give you a nudge in the right direction.   When I stop long enough to notice those bits of confetti and am grateful for them, the more they rain down on [...]

When “the man who knows” is your neighbor, will he read your mind?

Alain Nu - Mentalist

When I first met Alain, I was just hanging out after school with my kids at the neighborhood park. I knew there was something different about Alain because of the way dogs responded to him. One of the dogs was clearly glued to, and entranced by Alain. Alain was like a rock star with this [...]

Foam for thought.

Yes, that's right, not food for thought, foam for thought. Let's think about foam, that is polystyrene, AKA styrofoam, the stuff that trays are made of in my kids' cafeteria. Back in my day, cafeteria trays were made out of hard plastic and reused daily - after a nice run through a sanitizing dishwasher of course.  [...]

And the universe answered.

Icy day

  Ok, that was spooky.  But let me back up first. I'm home again with the gang on a Wednesday. Really feeling the cabin fever lately with all the school closings. It is hard to keep 3 energetic children toned down enough that my husband can do conference calls and I can get my stuff [...]

The new “F” word.

It keeps popping up everywhere, that new F word. It seems to be a theme in my life these last few months. I hear it here and there, and more people seem to be talking about it. It has definitely gotten my attention.  Is there any escaping it? I ordered a book from Amazon recently called The [...]

Late to the solstice party.

OK, it's finally quiet enough around here after the holidays to hear myself think again. I don't know about you, but it really helps me if I take some time to reflect every now and then. That's usually when I have my "aha" moment, AKA my "duh" moment.  So I decided to reflect on the [...]

Lucky 13: A year in review.

On these last hours of 2013 I was thinking about the number 13. Lucky or not,13, your number is just about up. I also just realized, prior to writing this post, I have made exactly 13 posts on this blog.   I thought I'd pick some memorable moments from my 2013. Is this so egotistical [...]

Slow your roll.

Help, help, I'm not feeling particularly wonderful today or lately - you say. Give me a sign, give me some advice, show me how to get off of this hamster wheel. Most of us cry out for help occasionally to the universe or God or to our teddy bear.  So when the universe does answer, [...]