That can of worms.
Forgiveness part 2

When my 99 year old grandfather, Henry,  passed away two weeks ago, I had no idea that my post on his life and forgiveness was going to set off a chain reaction. I guess that's what they mean by the butterfly effect. We really aren't separate little beings living in our own bubbles. It's more [...]

The truth slammed into me.

sunset and storks

That's right, he said, there's two in there.  Huh? I thought,  I'm four months along and you are telling me that I am having twins? This was followed by a couple days of amazement and pats on the back - and belly.  A week or so later, things got a little scary. One twin had [...]

Forgiveness, the big “F.”

Henry Archer Thomas

To forgive is to set the prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner was you. ~ Lewis B. Smedes How much time needs to pass until you forgive someone, a day, a week, 60 years? Never?   My grandfather left my grandmother, along with my mom and her five sisters, when my mom was just a [...]

Spirit Orbs


I have to admit, sometimes I'm a junkie for the unusual. Sure, I've heard of spirit orbs. Just do a quick internet search and you'll find plenty of examples and books on the topic, even a physics professor at Stanford University wrote a book on orbs.  Some people think they show up in digital camera [...]

Goodbye Ian, and now we really need some chocolate.

What to say, it's been a busy week. I've been a bit distracted. Sometimes you feel like your just running to catch up.  My dear old friend Cheryl had someone very close to her pass away. He is exactly our age. I felt like I knew him because she talked about him a lot and [...]

Intentions, Witches and Chocolate

Witch scene

The other day someone said to me- you and your mom are magical, your thoughts change your surroundings and affect other people, almost like a witch. This was his reaction after witnessing how my Friday had unfolded and also when I told him about my mom. Whenever my mom comes back from trips she is [...]

Three ways to Chocolate Heaven: #1 No-bake Chocolate Treats.

No bake vegan brownie treats

I'm in a blissful chocolate dimension right now. I just ate more than my fair share of my "No-Bake Chocolate Treats." I'm not sure I can do much more than type right now. This recipe is a neighborhood favorite. I've given out the recipe to my local buddies, but I figure, why be stingy... I [...]

Gratitude, Concussions and Cake

Wow...September. Isn't it gorgeous out? Blue skies, temps in the 70's, kids back in school. I took these shots walking the kids to school the other day. Most mornings there's a whole troupe of elementary schoolers traipsing up the road to school. It's a bit Norman Rockwell.    I have to pinch myself and tell [...]

Pesto… weed-a-licious style!

OK, so maybe you live in a place with a patch of grass. Or at least it is supposed to be grass, but more often then not... it's a patch of weeds. "Curses!" you say, "darn weeds, why can't you just let the grass grow -- stop taking over!" But hold on a second here. [...]