So long September, and 7 things I loved about you.

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September is one of my favorite months, and it’s almost over. But no tears, because in my opinion, October is pretty dreamy too. Don’t get me wrong, I do not love every month – February and March are excruciating. But back to September. Here’s what I loved about you this year:

1. Backpacks. I have to admit, I’ve got a soft spot for seeing kids, preferably my own, walking with backpacks on. It can only mean one thing: the most wonderful time of the year – when school starts back up.  After the sometimes chaotic, sometimes too-long days of summer, we really are ready for a routine. 


Loving the long shadows at 8:30am.

Backpacks and jackets. Loving those brisker mornings with the golden sun and the long shadows at 8:30am.


Oh yeah, and with school being back in session, friends are back in town… and that means more time with buddies for them  =  more free time for us adults.   She is looking so grown up here as she goes to a sleep over. 



2.  Walks. The actual walk to school. I get to walk with my kids to school. I know this is a luxury and not everyone has the schedule I have. But I have it, so I’m going to enjoy  it. This is the last year my boys will be in elementary school and then they will be catching a bus to middle school next year.  As a big fifth grader next year, I’m not sure my daughter will want to be seen with her mom walking her to school.  We’ll see. So, this could be my last September of school walks. Sniff sniff.  

We saw this creepy guy on our way out the door.

We saw this creepy guy on our way out the door.

3. Fall little league baseball. Who knew? We were a little late to the party with baseball, but now that both my boys and my husband have fallen in love with the game – it’s a three-fer.  Either I get to go cheer both of my boys on during the game as I watch my hubby co-coach from my camp chair – or – option two – I get to have the house to myself, or with my girl, for some chill time. Win-win for everybody. 


4. My kids love fall… we kick it off with a fun block party, then one of my sons starts getting obsessed with Halloween costume catalogs. It’s kind of cute, he saves all his allowance to put towards his costume. Next the boys get psyched for their birthday and Thanksgiving and then it’s just the countdown to Christmas. It’s a fun run. 

5. Fall Gardens. 




It’s almost fall harvest time at the new school yard garden.


6. The occasional need to throw on a light sweater or fleece. So Cozy. 

7. The sunsets that sneak up on you because you’re not used to it getting dark earlier and earlier. 



Oh, yes, and the sunset picture reminds me of why I saw it. I was on my way to see my man, Matt, play drums in Annapolis with Katie Gosnell and Jeff Muller. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my guy at a gig – and he can still make those drums sing.  Speaking of singing, Katie is a great writer and singer. I really loved her last song of the set, it was the happiest funeral song I ever heard. 

Katie Gosnell's CD release party at 49 West.

Katie Gosnell’s CD release party at 49 West.


Goodbye September 2014. 



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