Slightly Obvious

Welcome. So, where to start… I am a lot like you – living in a body on a planet. OK, I ripped that line off of a pretty trippy book. Wow, have I scared you off yet?

Hmmm… let me start again.  This is a place where I am going to post about every-day miracles and synchronicities, where you’ll get to meet some of my favorite soul journeyers, and find a few heel-clicking good recipes or should I say “heal-clicking?”

I was just thinking last night about how to describe my blog. Well, thank you universe, someone came up to me and asked if I was in the “Wellness” industry. I hesitated, and then said, “well actually, yes I am.”  An ah-ha moment (wink to Amma)! He said his name was David and he works at Natural Awakenings DC. I thought – great you are speaking my language! He mentioned some fun things happening, that I will be sure to share with you later, and introduced me to two more people who have similar interests.

Cool! I got it, this blog is about wellness. That’s a nice umbrella – and that pretty much covers it. And it pretty much syncs up with my love of synchronicites.

Yay- off to a good start! It’s Soul Obvious!



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  • Chris Burdette

    Hey Amie. I love it!

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