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I have to admit, sometimes I’m a junkie for the unusual. Sure, I’ve heard of spirit orbs. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll find plenty of examples and books on the topic, even a physics professor at Stanford University wrote a book on orbs

Some people think they show up in digital camera shots because the digital cameras are more sensitive to their spectrum. Sometimes I’ve looked at those shots and thought – hey maybe they just need to clean their camera lens.

What is that little dot?

What is that little dot?

So whose to know if orbs are real. Some theories are that the orbs could be the flash of the camera reflecting off of a blob of little insects, or perhaps a little condensation distorting things, or even a quickie editing job done in Photoshop. But hey, with all these criticisms, it is still way more fun to believe in the possibility that orbs are real manifestations of energy and spirit. 

The only reason I bring this up is because I got some unusual photos at sunset a few weeks ago. You see, I went to Ian’s Celebration of Life on his family farm in Staunton, VA.  I wasn’t expecting any kind of orb, I was just trying to photograph the animals on the farm and the sun shining through the clouds onto the rolling hills. 

Here is a shot of his family’s farm on a gorgeous day:

This is the day after Ian's service - gorgeous and sunny.

This is the day after Ian’s service – gorgeous and sunny.


But on the day of Ian’s memorial it was a cloudy, sad, gray afternoon. The wind kicked up and it felt like the first chilly weekend of autumn. Shortly after the service the sun was starting to set, it was low in the sky but trying to break through the clouds.

I thought the hills and sheep looked beautiful with the sun poking out and streaming down on them. I thought of Ian trying to say something like – hey everyone, don’t stay sad, the sun will shine again. And so I decided to take some photos to catch the moment. 

When I checked out the photos later, I was surprised to see this little glowing ball in the picture. I had to zoom in to really see it. Then I noticed that it was in all four shots. And I took the photos way too far away for it to just be my flash illuminating a little glob of insects or such. Also never, in my iPhone photo history, have I caught little glowing orb photos. 

First I’ll show you the regular four shots… then I’ll share the zoomed in versions. 


See the little glowing ball

See the little glowing ball






What is that little dot?

What is that little dot?


Here are the zoomed in shots of the above photos… 












So, I like to think of this glowing energy as Ian showing up to watch over everyone. To let all his loved ones know that he will always be with them in some form. 

The next morning people gathered for breakfast with his parents and siblings, it was a picturesque gorgeous fall day. You could feel the warmth of the sun again like a warm embrace – along with all the love of the people whose lives Ian had touched.





Photo from Ian Jone's Facebook page

Photo from Ian Jone’s Facebook page


Thank you Ian. Your light really does shine on. 





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  • Elizabeth

    Okay, I was all set to settle on that just being some shiny neon metal farm thing in the brush that you didn’t remember seeing in person, until I got the closer look and saw that it MOVED and FLOATED! It seems to be fixed in that same general location though, despite the camera angle having moved and shifted. It looks like a tiny moon! If anyone’s camera was going to pick up a spirit orb, I imagine it would be yours, Amie!

  • Wisefriend

    Ha! Thanks E! It really was a surprise when I saw the orbs in the photos. You just never know what’s gonna show up in life. It’s all such a wild ride.

  • Chris

    That’s so amazing. I love that you noticed Ian’s spirit orb and shared it with us. Those photos are incredibly beautiful in all respects.

  • Melinda

    That is a super cool photo! You need to frame it.

  • i was wondering about the extreme cold when we were down at the pasture and then the wonderful sunny and peaceful contrast shortly after. Fascinating pictures…

  • Hello: I too lost someone close and experienced orbs at a gathering in his honour. They were two white orbs and appeared at night around our heads while sitting outside. I know it was the spirit of my son, because I have had other signs from him.

  • Wisefriend

    Barbara, I’m sorry for the loss of your son. It is comforting though, when you get signs from those who have passed on. Did the orbs show up in pictures, or did you actually see them when they appeared?

  • MT

    Not to be a skeptical curmedgeon, but could the orb in the 2nd set of photos be the rising moon?

    • Wisefriend

      The second set of pictures are just zoomed-in shots of the first pictures… so we could see the orbs a little closer. They are too close to the ground to be the moon.

  • Adela

    Hi.. My mom passed last year and right after her service we gathered at my sisters house and I took a lot of pictures. I was amazed when I reviewed them the next day because there were orbs in nearly every picture I took. Not subtle ones, but really noticeable ones. Then yesterday I was taking a pic of my sister and her kids in front of the Christmas tree and there they were again. Oh and I used different cameras when taking the pictures… I believe my mom is trying to let us know she is still here watching over us.

    • Wisefriend

      How wonderful! It’s as if your mom was at Christmas in spirit with all of you.

      Turns out that this Spirit Orb post gets lots of views everyday. I’m thinking that if people want, I could include some of their orb photos (with a blurb about the occasion) in a second post sometime in the future.

      So, if your photos are something you’d like to share with others on the internet, feel free to contact me on my “About Me” page.


  • stevenesk

    I am a confident atheist. but I do believe if a persons life energy is strong enough in their life , it will also be strong enough to remain after the body has passed.
    My father has passed and he was loved by many, but his life energy was not strong enough to leave anything behind. perhaps we meet again in some other way after my body has passed.
    I remain hopefull.

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