Slow your roll.

Help, help, I’m not feeling particularly wonderful today or lately – you say. Give me a sign, give me some advice, show me how to get off of this hamster wheel. Most of us cry out for help occasionally to the universe or God or to our teddy bear. 

So when the universe does answer, or your teddy bear, do we notice? I’m usually too busy and wrapped up in my personal to-do list and calendar to pay attention.

But when I get a hint thrown at me I think, oh yeah, just another coincidence, isn’t that jolly? Then I move on in a nano-second, not really letting it register.


What helps me, is when I take a moment to put the puzzle pieces together. Like this past week, In the space of twenty four hours I stumbled upon three folks with the same exact message. 

Here’s one – How to Speed up by Slowing Down



And the second hint was from Lisa Garr‘s show on Hay House Radio. Her guest was John Murphy who wrote a book called Zentrenepeur.

One of his concepts was that we can get way more done by slowing down. He elaborated and the host, Lisa, said that out of her 6 interviews this week, this was the third time this same message had showed up in her interviews.  

Work less, accomplish more. Work slower, move faster. Be more present, accomplish twice as much. He teaches people to survive in a world of paradoxes.

My third hint came when I stumbled upon that guy Tim Ferriss – the author of The 4-Hour Week. I’d heard of him before, but I haven’t really followed him. His basic message is pretty obvious – work less – accomplish more! 

I took the hints, and slowed down my anxious, hurry-up mentality of… gotta get my contract work done, cleaning, kid care, cooking, family calendaring, shopping and prep for Christmas. 

I shifted gears and I took the mentality of abundance.  Of course there is enough, including enough time. Of course I’m supposed to enjoy this stuff, this life, this living.

It helps to stop and ask yourself if you’re doing what you’re doing because you are motivated by fear or not. Fear is crap. It is a terrible motivator. It’s more of a prescription for a panic attack.  I do much better when I’m motivated by joy and abundance. Even hard or monotonous chores become fun. 

So I put parameters on my work load, and made time for myself. Then I noticed I was happier, calmer and more productive (vs. anxious). A little more chill. Ahhhh. 

Such a simple message, duh. I guess it finally sunk in. At least for a while.

The benefits? I made time to get to the Salon.  OMG, I sound like something you’d read in a women’s magazine. But you know what? I was still able to send that PTA committee email that was lurking around on my to-do list, albeit while getting a deep conditioning treatment.

I took my laptop to Starbucks for a few hours and made some solid work progress while enjoying some different scenery. It’s the little things. 

What’s next? A brow wax, a pedicure? Could it be possible? Will my family starve if I don’t start making dinner pronto?

Even taking time to make a post on my personal blog usually seems like a luxury. Really, do I deserve to indulge myself in taking the time to write something because it makes me feel good? Yes.

Yes people, we all deserve to feel good and pass it on. So I’m passing the feel good baton to you right now! 

Have a happy holiday. Enjoy it! 

~ Amie




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  • Chris

    Right on per usual! I’m taking a deep relaxing breath and feeling funderful. That’s right. Funderful.

    • Wisefriend

      I love it, funderfull!

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