And the universe answered.

Icy day


Ok, that was spooky. 

But let me back up first. I’m home again with the gang on a Wednesday. Really feeling the cabin fever lately with all the school closings. It is hard to keep 3 energetic children toned down enough that my husband can do conference calls and I can get my stuff done and not feel like a nagging overlord. That is not who I want to be. 


The requisite sanity-saving screen time is now being dished out to the kids. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 anyone? 

So I thought I’d tune out my spinning thoughts of what to tackle first with a little escapism. I grabbed my iPhone and headphones and tuned-in to my HayHouse Radio App.

Michael Bernard Beckwith was on. I thought, gee, he is always so upbeat and inspired. I love that, and I love it when I feel that way.

Perhaps I could order up a little bit of what he is having. 

I’ve been having a little internal conflict lately though. I read that book Disappearance of the Universe – a companion to A Course in Miracles. I liked the book, it spoke to me, I loved the little surprise ending, but it kind of messed up my mojo a little.  There are some contradictions that I need to work out. 

So I’m listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith and wondering if he is a believer/teacher in A Course in Miracles and what he thinks about it. I thought if he believes in the ideas of ACIM, then he must have rectified these contradictions

As I am thinking these thoughts and simultaneously Googling A Course in Miracles –and- Michael Bernard Beckwith to see what comes up… I’m also listening to him take callers on his Hay House Radio Show. 

I’m half listening to the caller when I hear Michael respond – something like – “that’s because I had a lucid dream last night where you asked me about A Course in Miracles – you were struggling with it.”

Huh? Did I hear that right? Did Michael just say he had already met this caller in his dreams where she asked him basically the same question I was wondering?

OK, this really got my attention. This is exactly what I was wondering at the very same moment.  I’m gonna go back and listen to the archive of that show and make sure I’m not tripping


The caller went on to say – yes, she had just started ACIM and she was on lesson 10. It seemed like some of her current spiritual practices could possibly contradict with ACIM and this was a little mind boggling, since in a way, both paths rang true, but how could this be?

Michael explained that yes, it could seem that way – but keep up with the ACIM book, especially since she had been called to it. Then he went onto say something about the 3rd dimension vs. the 4th (don’t you love it when new-agers get so science fiction-y on you?) and things not being so linear. Over time it will all come together and make sense. He added that his brother even teaches ACIM at Agape.

I liked Michael’s explanation, but it’s already a little fuzzy, I gotta grab the archive version when it’s available probably later today.

So, my original question was… should I continue my interest in ACIM, can a person like Michael Bernard Beckwith be congruent with it’s teachings? And I got my answer – Yes. 

OK, thanks for answering my question. That was kind of like picking a piece of low hanging fruit


Oh and this is cool, for those of you who believe in reincarnation and past lives… I know some of you are out there… what about concurrent “past lives”? Since supposedly time isn’t really linear, your past lives could be happening, technically, now. What if… it wasn’t just another coincidence that another person had exactly my same question for Michael at the same time as me… what if that person was…. ?  

I’ll leave it for you to fill in that answer. It might sound just a bit bonking crazy, but people, let’s keep it fun!  Just say’in. I’m not totally serious here.  Or maybe, quite possibly, the cabin fever has really gotten to me!  



*Update 2/10/14: I listened to the archive of the radio show and it still surprises me. Michael actually tells her about his dream and her question (same as mine) before she even asks about it. It happens a little over half way through the show at about 37 minutes or so.  Crazy coincidence!



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